Technology for yacht interior

We develop innovative, multifunctional, customised door drive systems for yacht construction.

About us

Heise GmbH is a innovative German company with a highly motivated team. We have many years of experience and expertise in the areas of planning, development and implementation of individual solutions in yacht interiors.

With the Heise Slide Track HST, we are working together to establish an innovative and outstanding door drive system on the market – especially for the luxury segment.

What we offer

As well as being very simple and flexible to install, the Heise Slide Track HST is also probably the safest and most innovative door drive system in the yacht manufacturing world. It facilitates the realisation of a huge variety of different door solutions, all of which fulfil their specific industry security requirements whilst being simple to install, individually configured and accessible for service personal.

In addition we create custom solutions for yacht interiors like TV-lifts, rotation mechanisms and automation mechanisms.

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Die "Meistervorbereitung im Tischlerhandwerk" wurde mit Mitteln aus dem Europäischen Sozialfonds gefördert.

Contact Us

You’re interested in the Heise Slide Track HST or are looking for a tailormade solution for another application? We’d love to help you! Give us a call, we’d be glad to advise you on your project.