Heise Slide Track HST

The Heise Slide Track HST is employed primarily in yacht construction and offers the following benefits:


The Heise Slide Track HST is available in different versions: For single or multi-leaf sliding doors, with or without curvature, as well as for special applications. The HST system can be mounted on the ceiling or on the wall.

Low maintenance

The drive operates on a low-noise and low-maintenance linear track. Even the basic version is designed for a very high door weight of up to 2,000 kg –larger loads can also be catered for if requested.

Space-saving installation

All the controls and connections for sensors and other items are easily accessible in an external control box. The orientation of the motor unit is possible in different positions (up, down or straight out to the side).

Maximum security

In the event of a power failure, system operation continues without interruption by means of an emergency battery pack, which is also located in the control box and can be changed easily. In addition, even in the event of strong heeling, the door position is securely controlled by a powerful

magnetic brake located directly on the motor.

Easy control

Individual and flexible control programming is carried out in a mobile app on a mobile phone. The connection to the controls in this process happens wirelessly via an integrated Bluetooth interface.

Cost-effective complete solution

Our list-prices for the basic version include, as a complete package, all possible applications of the system (as a fire door or in combination with an A-door, motion detector, closing function, security elements, etc.).